Target RLA™ provides 2-in-1 scaffolding for improvement in all aspects of reading and langauge arts. reading fluency, vocabulary development, and the development of critical thinking skills.

In Target Reading, students work with a high-interest passage each week, encouraging the rereading for detail necessary for fluency development and recall. Perfect for reluctant readers!

In Target Language Arts, Students create their own writing, build elaboration strategies, practice sentence construction and usage, and learn strategic writing skills.

Reading AND Language Arts

Integrate combined ELAR content into your current teaching experience.

Easy to Use

Everything you need to practice Reading and ELA skills in just minutes a day!

Weekly Spiral

Correct This Sentence and Writing Prompt activities build on the previous day: step through the writing process with your class each week!

High Standards

Aligned to the latest TEKS ELAR standards and a great companion to Common Core standards. Makes campus vertical alignment easy!

Multi-Modal Content

Engage students with video, audio, and photos that bring passages to life.


Work through everything all at once or focus on specific needs. Content is adaptable to your schedule!

We've got you covered

Reading, language arts, and writing skills come together in Lone Star Learning’s Target RLA! Students spend a few minutes each day focusing on a weekly reading passage and corresponding daily questions. Students are then challenged in a variety of language arts activities, from writing prompts with graphic organizers to multiple-choice questions to sentence correction, all spiraling through revising, editing, elaboration, and language arts skills. All materials are provided in an easy-to-implement format that engages students and works seamlessly alongside your existing program.

Now available 1:1 with Target RLA PLUS!
Target RLA Plus can be used with your LMS, including Schoology or Google Classroom, to support remote or in-person learning. Learn more

I am so impressed with the Target RLA program I purchased for my 4th-grade class. I am teaching at a tier 4, title 1 school. About 30% of my students passed STAAR last year and I knew they would need some extra practice if they were going to have any hope of improving this year. This program has interesting stories every week that are fun for the students to read. They never get bored with the materials provided. I love the sentence building exercise that they do every day because not only are they learning how to build good, descriptive sentences but they are learning what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are. And this is something they practice EVERY day. The questions of the day are higher level thinking and require the students to refer back to the story for details. I can’t say enough good things about this program. Money well spent, and I will be using it for years to come.

Convenient annual pricing

Virtual license

One Year of Virtual Board / Screen Use

$130 per year

  • Browser-based: No download or installation
  • Handy on-screen tutorials and tips
  • 1 year free, rolling updates with easy renewal
  • Printable packet download with quick-start guide, student sheets, and more
  • Available for Grades 1 - 5


One Year of 1:1 Student Licenses + Virtual Board

$469 per year

  • Integrates with Google Classroom, Schoology, or any LTI-compatible LMS
  • Detailed student response metrics
  • Live data view
  • Includes Virtual Board version!